Fighting towards more inclusive and caring cities

Cidade Femista is a project that aims to investigate ways in which we can live and redesign our cities from a feminist perspective, and to share experiences and practices implemented by similar initiatives and activists.

Starting from the fundamental assumption that the city is not a neutral space, but instead a reflection of the power structures and inequalities that are widespread in our society, we are taking an intersectional approach to make our research as comprehensive as possible. We hope to be able to give our – albeit small – contribution to the fight for more inclusive, safe, sustainable, and caring cities.

Our name

The name Cidade Feminista is in gallego, the official idiom of the autonomous community of Galicia (Spain), and it means “feminist city”. We chose a Galician name because the project started in that region, specifically in the city of Pontevedra, but we decided to make our content available in English and Spanish as well, to allow more people to read, understand, and engage with our work. This choice is in line with our intention to share personal and collective experiences not only from our local surroundings, but also from all over the world. This allows us to develop new practices and improve those we already implement through various points of view, as well as to highlight our common objectives and to stress that we are not alone in our struggles.


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