Reading recommendations #1: Feminism for the 99%

As our first book recommendation, we thought it would be useful to talk about a simple and brief yet useful reading that reflects our intersectional posture: Feminism for the 99% – A manifesto (Verso, 2019), written by three of the organisers of the International Women’s Strike: Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, and Nancy Fraser. 

This publication, which, as presented in the title, is a manifesto – hence, constructed as a list that clearly presents an outlook of what a “feminism for the 99 percent” is/should be and why we should follow its path – is probably a good reading for those who are interested in approaching to feminism with an intersectional and anti-neoliberal approach, but also for those of us who already are into the topic, since it represents an excellent overview on our positions and our objectives. 

The main characteristic of Feminism for the 99% is, of course, its anti-capitalist stance and its firm position against corporate/liberal feminism that, in line with the neoliberal regime, promotes “equal opportunity domination” for women – that is, to have the opportunity to get to positions of power – without fighting for all the people exploited by hegemonic groups (other women and minorities). Starting from this central assumption, the book develops in eleven points that give the reader an outlook on how capitalism is strictly related to patriarchy and the ways through which they reinforce each other, talking about central thematics such as the gendered division of labour, sexuality, gender violence, ecology, social movements that are affected by the economic system. Rejecting the belief that the free market is neutral if not good, this book is a necessary reading to develop and spread a kind of feminism that is really inclusive and respects the principle of intersectionality, considering class struggle and the against privileged groups as part of its struggle.